Our aim is to understand every child and support him/her in performing to the best of their ability. We endeavour to identify each student's weaknesses and provide support to help them improve. We encourage parents to come in, upon appointment, where they can meet their child’s teachers and get feedback on their performance and progress. This allows us to work with the parents in striving to achieve the best for our students.

At A+Tec, we believe that children should be nurtured from a young age into the habits of studying. As our efforts to help with this process, we teach Mathematics to students between Year 4 and Year 6. This lesson will run from 3.45pm to 5.15pm each Saturday.

For KS3, we teach Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each lesson lasts 1 hour and is taught to carefully administered lesson plans, whereby homework will also be given to consolidate the lesson’s learnings. The lessons will be from 9am to 1.15pm on Saturdays, with a short supervised break from 11am to 11.15am.

There will be a test each half-term to monitor the student’s progress, and termly reports will be sent to parents.

For GCSEs, we teach Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Further/Additional Mathematics. Each lesson will be a duration of 90 minutes. Teachers will follow a carefully managed lesson plan. During the lesson, teachers will teach a topic and then monitor exam questions/papers. Homework will also be given to consolidate the lesson’s learnings. The lessons will take place from 9am to 3.30pm. At A+Tec, we cover all major UK exam boards.

For A-Levels, we teach Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Each lesson lasts for 90 minutes, which is then supplemented by the homework that is provided and checked to consolidate the students understanding of the topics. In line with the current specifications, we work a two year programme. We understand that schools may teach modules at different times across the two years.

At A+Tec, for the Mathematics students, we will teach Pure 1, Statistics 1 and Mechanics 1 in the first year, and Pure 2, Statistics 2 and Mechanics 2 in the second year. For the Further Mathematics students, we will teach all the above modules in the first year, and then Further Core 1, Further Core 2 along with their two chosen modules in the second year.

Our A-Level lessons are always taught by our most experienced teachers to ensure that the subject delivery is at the highest level. We cover all major UK exam boards.

At A+tec, we understand the importance of practising exam questions to gain familiarity and confidence prior to sitting for the exam. We feel that learning the theory can only be consolidated by putting it into practise. So, we do our best to give our students the opportunity to do this at no extra cost.

Exam students are provided with free additional lessons to prepare for their upcoming GCSE and A-Level examinations. The students are given the opportunity to do past papers and tutorial sheets in a supervised environment, where teachers are available to answer queries and help master exam techniques. A special effort is made to monitor the progress of each student by checking their work, marking their work and noting their areas of weakness.