Our founder, Mr Sivanathan, recognised the need to advocate children’s education whilst volunteering at the local temple. This prompted him to set up a small Sunday school within the temple in 1982. As the school was met by an increasing number of students and demand for more subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Basic Programming, additional volunteers were recruited and the teaching community began to grow.

Two years later, ‘Additional Education’ (AD-ED), a weekend school, was formed in partnership with a few volunteers, externally at Rutlish School in Wimbledon. This allowed for the facility to be extended beyond the temple and to the entire community.

AD-ED took on a more structured form, utilising the National Curriculum as the basis for lesson plans, and provided support for children, aged 9 to 17. The teachers were trained to focus on the weaknesses of the children; this along with the small class sizes allowed teachers to offer individual attention to students, enabling them to reach their full potential. The flourishing Ordinary and A-Level results fueled further demand and persuaded Mr Sivanathan to remove himself from the partnership of AD-ED and establish the current A+Tec.

A+Tec specialises in Mathematics and Science tutoring, with the Saturday school existing as its main facet. It encompasses teachers, who are predominantly ex-students, currently reading highly acknowledged courses at world renowned universities. The system is facilitated by a team of administrators to help the organisation of approximately 200 students, and the smooth running of the establishment.

Each year, students who achieve exceptional A-Level results are offered the opportunity to join the A+Tec community, where they are trained to teach enthusiastically and professionally. Our lesson plans run in accordance with school curriculums and aim to provide focused guidance and stimulate motivation for all students.

We cover all exam boards for GCSE and A-Levels. In 2013, we ran a thorough revision crash course for every examinable module within GCSE and A-Level Mathematics and Sciences over the Easter holidays. Due to the outstanding feedback we received, we have continued this feat to date.

Recently, upon requests and demand, we have also started tutoring for Under 11 Mathematics.

We pride ourselves on the achievements of our students and hope to maintain our exceptionally high standards over the years to come.